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September 25, 2021

MOU extensions through June 4th
Mar 19, 2021

Download: Extensions of COVID MOU's through June 4th 2021.pdf

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) request EFEL
Mar 19, 2021
From: Vance Zimmerman Sent: Friday, March 12, 2021 Subject: New Leave Under the American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Under the new stimulus bill called the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) there was new leave for federal employees added called Emergency Federal Employee Leave (EFEL). Postal employees qualify for this leave.
Download: USPS-American-Rescue-Plan-Guidance.pdf

January Contact tracing and supervisor guide
Jan 06, 2021

Download: APWU close contact changes.pdf , USPS 2021 1-1 covid-19-supervisor-and-management -guidance.pdf , USPS 2021 1-1 USPS Close Contact Tracing Program.pdf

COVID timekeeping quick guide
Dec 03, 2020

Download: COVID-19 Timekeeping Quick Reference v11.xlsx

Mask Policy USPS
Jul 20, 2020
Federal Employee Education & Assistance: Covid-19
Jul 14, 2020

Download: COVID-Assistance-for-Postal-Workers (1).pdf

How to file OWCP claim for COVID-19
Mar 25, 2021

Download: covid19_claims_apwu.pdf , FECABulletin_Federal-Employees-Contracting-COVID-19-in-Performance-of-Duty.pdf , APWU-Offers-Help-for-COVID-OWCP-Claims.pdf , apwu covid owcp.pdf

PSE emergency sick leave, clarification
Jul 14, 2020

Download: APWU-COVID-19-MOUs-Memo_7-13-2020.pdf

MOU extensions SEPT 25
Jul 14, 2020

Download: covid-19_mou_-_extension_of_memoranda_of_understanding_apwu_7-10-20.pdf

Cleaning Vehicles
Jul 02, 2020

Download: cleaning vehicles.pdf

Script for customers not wearing mask
Jun 25, 2020

Download: 2020 04-23 SSA Script for Retail Units - State or Local Jurisdictions.pdf

Essential Service letter & Stand-up
Jun 04, 2020

Download: Mandatory SUT - Essential Services During Covid-19 and Recent and Local ....pdf , Essential Service Provider Letter (1).pdf

Restroom Etiquette transportation
May 30, 2020

Download: Restroom Etiquette (002).doc

Supplier on site safety talk
May 30, 2020

Download: COVID-19 SUT 42_ALL EMPLOYEES Supplier On Site Procedures 052120.pdf

MOU extensions
May 21, 2020

Download: MOU - Expiration Dates.pdf , Temporary MOU extension through July 17.pdf

Return to work guidelines
May 07, 2020

Download: RTW guidance (Positive Test) revised (4-16-2020).pdf

OSHA Covid record keeping
Apr 29, 2020

Download: 61042_Injury-and-Illness-Recordkeeping-and-Reporting-COVID-19 J J Keller OSHA Reporting.pdf

FAQ EUA Cloth covering source control
Apr 29, 2020
FDA FAQ on cloth coverings source control
APWUHP enhancements COVID
Apr 28, 2020
APWU Health Plan COVID-19 Coverage Enhancements The APWU Health Plan will continue to evaluate benefit enhancements as a result of COVID-19. For the most up-to-date information visit our website at The Health Plan will: New.
Cross contamination
Apr 28, 2020

Download: Gloves & Cross Contamination.mp4

Temp custodial help
Apr 28, 2020

Download: MOU - Temporary Resources for COVID-19 Related Cleaning - md signed-signed.pdf

Fresh Air
Apr 23, 2020

Download: fresh air during COVID-19 (1).pdf

Mask / face covering Update
Apr 23, 2020

Download: COVID-19 SUT 34_ALL EMPLOYEES_Face covering and mask update.pdf

Leave Checklist
Apr 15, 2020

Download: 2020 04-14 FFCRA FAQ.pdf , 2020 04-14 Expanded FMLA Checklist.pdf , 2020 04-14 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Checklist.pdf

COVID-19 Timekeeping overview
Apr 10, 2020

Download: COVID-19 Timekeeping Guidelines - March 30 2020 V9 kt (1) (1).pptx

Apr 10, 2020

Download: FFCRA APWU Questions and Answers 4-9-2020 (1) (1).pdf

supervisors guide for leave
Apr 07, 2020

Download: Supervisors quick guide.pdf

Decision tree
Apr 03, 2020

Download: Decision Tree.pdf

Bernie Sanders Letter to USPS
Apr 03, 2020

Download: usps-letter from Bernie Sanders.pdf

Purchasing Stand up / Reimbursement
Apr 03, 2020

Download: COVID-19 SUT 29_ALL EMPLOYEES_ COVID-19 supplies -- purchasing updates.pdf

Postal Vehicle Services Guidlines
Apr 03, 2020

Download: COVID-19 SUT 25_MAIL PROCESSING_Guidelines for PVS drivers.pdf

Plant Manager FAQ
Apr 03, 2020

Download: email from darden.docx

Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Apr 03, 2020

Download: COVID-19 SUT 23_ALL EMPLOYEES_Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf , FFCRA_Poster_WH1422_Non-Federal.pdf , FFCRA Leave - USPS TimeKeeping.pdf , FAQ FFRCA 3-31-20.pdf

USPS COVID-19 videos
Apr 02, 2020
Find below videos from USPS on COVID-19 Retail video: Carrier video:
Temp help MOU
Apr 02, 2020
Download: MOU - Temp Exc Per-03302020153431.pdf

Message from President Ken Fajardo
Apr 02, 2020

Download: Pres Message - signed-03312020134824.pdf

CYFD Child care support for essential employees
Apr 02, 2020
The State of New Mexico has approved free / reduced childcare for anyone in the following work fields who have to work during the COVID-19 shutdowns.  Janitorial, grocery store, gas stations, Early childhood service staff, Post Office, healthcare, childcare, emergency first responders and military, Download and complete childcare assistance application: https://cyfd.
Download: 8_15_2_amend_emergency_posting.pdf

Retail directive 3-26-2020
Mar 27, 2020

Download: retail_directive_to_district_managers_and_postmasters_3_26_20.pdf

Liberal Leave
Mar 25, 2020

Download: AVP Letter - Liberal Changes of Schedule & Leave.pdf

COVID MOU PSE / FTR 80 hours
Mar 25, 2020

Download: APWU MOUs 2020 COVID.pdf

Use of Surgical Masks
Mar 25, 2020
There have been many questions recently about the use and wearing of masks while at work.  There is no dispute that an employee can wear a mask at work if they choose to do so. A concern was brought to me in regards to the “N95” masks. The Postal Service, like many other agencies has run into a shortage of the N95 masks.
Mar 25, 2020

Download: 03 20 COVID19 FAQs.pdf

Postal Worker West COVID
Mar 25, 2020

Download: PWW Mar 2020.pdf

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